Since 2003, God has been working with the CROWN team in revolutionizing and pioneering technology, here at CROWN – University of the Nations Konai. We have been amazed to see how God has allowed us to co-create with Him – literally! He would download fresh inspiration on things we had been trying to figure out, and it would be just the breakthrough we needed to see in a particular project. Because of God, our research and development team have launched several major global projects. We’re always working on new projects because God never stops creating. In some ways, we feel like our amazing Creator is just taking us along on this incredible, creative ride – we’re never bored because the creative flow is a constant reality.

CROWN Media & Technology is not just about making things work so that the “spiritual” work of YWAM or missions can happen. CROWN is a Spirit-driven ministry in its own right that incorporates all three of YWAM’s core actions:

  • Training
  • Evangelism
  • Mercy Ministry

We believe that one day, technology will be key in all areas of traditional mission work. Imagine teams of young people taking computers and other equipment all over the world to share Gods love and raise our eyes to the One who designed us. Imagine using media pieces through today’s technology that grab the soul’s attention and give our hearts time to hear the words of life that have been isolated in our minds. Imagine starting internet cafes and computer learning centers in the developing world to train people for employment. Imagine websites that build the kingdom instead of solely making a profit. The possibilities are endless when you are co-creating with God. We believe God wants to redeem and reclaim technology as an instrument of righteousness. Come and join us in this journey of discovering God’s creativity and His heart for people.

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